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Marmara Belediyeler Birliği tarafından bu yıl ilki düzenlenecek olan “Yerel Yönetimler Finans Zirvesi” yurt dışından ve yurt içinden yerel yönetim ve ekonomi dünyasının tanınmış isimlerini ağırlamayı planlıyor.

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For me, it was an informative experience to attend the YFZ, which focused on all the perspectives of financing of local governments’ infrastructure needs, brought together all stakeholders with an extremely nice organization. I thank the vision of the Marmara Municipalities Union for organizing the summit successfully and providing participation opportunity to the summit.

Sedef Yavuz Noyan Ministry of Development, Head of PPP Department

Local Governments Finance Summit was the sole organization on the financing of the local governments, which have an important role and responsibility in improving the quality of life in Turkey, and held in 2016. In respect to program topics and quality of speakers, the summit was quite successful, I hope that it will be organized in the coming years.

Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek Professor of Economics, Faculty of Commercial Sciences

“It was a useful event in which municipal entities and financial institutions had a chance to meet and discuss various challenges in the area of municipal sector financing. Continuity of the event could enhance access of the municipal entities to more sophisticated financial solutions such as municipal bond and public private partnerships (“PPP”).”

Jean Patrick Marquet EBRD Director for Turkey

"Local Governments Finance Summit", which brought together local governments, investors and market regulators such as the CMB (Capital Markets Board of Turkey), was functioned as a transparent platform that the different views about the industry came up. To increase efficiency of the sector, the Summit should have been continued with workshops, where information could be exchaged by market actors "

Nilay Akyıldız Fitch Ratings, International Public Finance, Director

I would say that overall the conference was a success and it was well received by the attendees. The speakers provided a brief and concise overview on local finance from different angles and gave just enough details that I felt informed. In my view the conference also provided a response to some questions related to local government financing, alternative financing instruments for capital investments, accessing capital markets, available credit lines, institutional framework, etc. I think that the conference covered everything that I thought it would.

Gjorgji Josifov Moody’s Turkey Analyst